KNOWCROSS provides a mobile based multi-property suite of software applications to improve guest service and operational efficiencies. The solution is deployed at the world’s leading hotels in over 39 countries.

KNOW MOBILE gives hoteliers the freedom to manage their hotel from anywhere, allowing the management of guest requests, complaints, service glitches and operational functions such as minibar posting and housekeeping as well as enabling the view of detailed guest profiles, arrivals and departures lists from the PMS.

KNOWCROSS’ Guest Service Management module automates handling of guest requests, complaints and maintenance jobs. It is highly rated by users for the range of features it offers and its ease of use compared to other such systems. The system supports 180 languages and allows multiple languages to be used in the same hotel. Its communication module allows 2-way messaging via email, SMS, DECT and IP phone systems. 

Glitch is an invaluable Service Recovery tool to manage service breakdowns and guest complaints. It allows users to track guest complaints and ensure proper guest issue follow up and closure. It also provides management with analysis and reporting to identify weak areas needing additional training.                                                                                                                                  

The KNOWCROSS housekeeping management app helps hotels maximize their return on investment by automating cleaning priorities and management dynamically and in real time.  It also helps hotels go GREEN by enabling them to set up and manage environmentally friendly cleaning programs based on guest preferences. 

Checklist let’s hoteliers conduct all their inspections from a smartphone or tablet. MOD inspections, F&B checks, routine maintenance audits and the like can be set up in a matter of minutes. When checklists are submitted, the software automatically mails out the reports to pre-designated recipients. The system allows users to set up lists with standard or custom fields and allows them to capture photographs and save them with their checklists.

KNOWCROSS interfaces to a variety of PMS systems, including Micros’ Opera. The HTNG interface greatly enhances the hotel’s ability to personalize guest service and extends the functionality of the PMS and information to the staff’s pocket. It enables hotels to tailor room setups on the basis of the known guest preferences and deliver amenities, welcome drinks and other services automatically. The system also writes back guest preferences, glitch and complaint information into the guest profile in the PMS. 

KNOWCROSS through its cutting edge work in mobile applications is helping the industry to set new standards for the next generation of hospitality technology.

Contact details: 

Sachin Moudgil, Director- Business Development.



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