Managing a Diverse Team of Employees

One of the challenges a manager faces is the ability to supervise increasingly diverse work groups. In addition to cultural difference, the dimensions of diversity also include generational needs, a variety of working and communication styles, gender roles, sexual orientation, and religious affiliation as well as their various combinations. The aim of this workshop is to deepen the understanding of their impact on staff motivation and to improve performance.

Among the topics of discussion will be:

  • What are the key factors and practical tools for leading diverse teams? How do we detect the differences of significance and find new commonalties for team effectiveness?
  • What language codes and actions show one’s understanding of these influences on diverse group affiliations, and when is it essential to treat employees individually and differently?
  • How can one specifically deal with different communication styles and generational topics (especially “Generation Y”/digital natives)?

Recognizing diversity among a team can reveal hidden potentials, enhance an inclusive and compelling work environment, and therefore increase retention and deliver better service to customers.

Roland Engel, MA 

 is a certified  leadership consultant, founding board member of the Austrian Society for Diversity/ASD and senior consultant at Lighthouse Organizational Development. Having grown up and lived in different countries and with 16 years of training and consulting experience, he  is most passionate about working with international teams and organizations (including hotels). His expertise includes leadership development, cross-cultural team building, change and diversity management. 

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